Lack of sleep causes depression in teenagers

The teenage years are sensitive years, not only regarding bodily insecurities but also regarding brain development and an increased vulnerability to disorders related to the psyche and sleep patterns. The incidence of severe psychiatric illness and insomnia increases rapidly during adolescence. However, are sleep disturbances a result of the depression or could they be a cause?

How can fat talk to the brain through the kidneys?

The kidneys are amazing! Not only do they ensure that the blood is kept clean from dangerous nitrogen-containing compounds originating from protein metabolism but they also maintain the body’s water/salt balance. Thus, the “hydration status” is closely monitored and communicated between the kidneys, the brain and small receptors (baroreflex receptors) that are located in the blood vessels.

Why don’t you get sick more often?

You have probably read about the great discovery that spread over social media yesterday: that the brain is connected to the immune systems through small vessels and that white blood cells have been found in the brain. It implies that there may be a control system in place regarding our immune response that we have […]