5 reasons why climate change is awesome!

Climate change is fabulous. I think it might be one of the best feats of humanity, and it is utterly incomprehensible to me why anyone would smudge this amazing accomplishment with horrible stories of death and destruction. These are my 5 reasons to why climate change is awesome.

How plastics end up on your dinner plate

This is a clip from The Imaginarium on plastic pollution, consumption and Dr. Anna’s own plastics consumption in one week.
Read more about plastics in cosmetics products and how they can affect aquatic life at The Imaginarium: How your cosmetic products are killing the oceans

How your cosmetic products are killing the oceans

The cosmetic products you use might have large impacts on marine life. This connection might seem strange, but true nevertheless. I am talking about plastics and the microbead in particular. Plastics do not degrade; they are here to stay. They are eternal molecules of pollution. Despite this, we continue spewing out plastics into the environment. Did […]