Everything you ever wanted to know about sweat

Today it is approaching 35 °C in Berlin and I am sweating profusely. Someone once said: men perspire, but women glow. That someone has never seen a cranky Swedish woman navigating through the Berlin traffic jams at 12 noon on her bike, in full sun and at 35 °C. I must confess that some German […]

Why unpasteurized milk is bad for you

There is a trend right now of consuming unpasteurized beverages, particularly dairy products. The belief is that this practice will improve the immune system, reduce asthma and generally act as a miracle medicine against all evil that could possibly befall the human body. I would like to clarify a few things on the matter. What […]

The science behind farts

Due to an unfortunate episode involving the Lab Dog, the Progeny and I found ourselves deeply involved in a conversation on the contents of flatulence and also argued for a while over the origin of the discrete sound produced by our canine companion. This one was quite silent but deadly. The farting sound is produced […]