The Science Behind Period Farts

For you who have or have had girlfriends, you might be aware of that time of the month when your better part starts being cranky, eating toffee with ketchup and letting off more gas in one evening than Gazprom does in a year. Why do women fart so much before our periods? The sex hormone cycle […]

5 reasons why climate change is awesome!

Climate change is fabulous. I think it might be one of the best feats of humanity, and it is utterly incomprehensible to me why anyone would smudge this amazing accomplishment with horrible stories of death and destruction. These are my 5 reasons to why climate change is awesome.

Sex, sex, sex-selection, and natural behaviors

Nature also has its own natural butt-plug. Some garter snake females are forced to defecate quickly (poo) before the male inserts the sperm since after he is done, he will insert a mating plug into the female to hinder any other males from mating. Sometimes this does not work out as he had planned and mixed paternities do occur. Snake sex is surprisingly intricate.